Anmol Bhullar An Undergraduate Attempts Math


A little bit about me

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, Scarborough currently studying Mathematics. I read way too many unrelated books on mathematics than I probably should. I play Dota 2. I love poutine. But perhaps, the quality that I am most proud of is my ability to snap my fingers.

What is this website about

It’s meant to showcase what I do! Which granted is not much, but I am trying to use the time that I don’t spend on school and instead spend reading irrelevant books (with respect to my courses) more efficiently via organizing my notes on readings in a place that is easy to access and perhaps even share my notes to the world. I will probably also showcase some of my graphic design work from time to time.

Thus, to answer the question, I suppose this website is a mix between a blog, resource center and a portfolio website.


Some fun facts about the setup of this project include:

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Thanks for reading!