My plans for this website

Welcome to my website!

Over the past year, I’ve been reading a fair bit of math textbooks of which I’ve made plenty of notes from and have written down solutions of problems from some of their chapters. I hope to upload these onto this site for more organized web keeping and so that anyone in the world can access them. I hope to update this website at the most biweekly with either LaTeX’d notes or LaTeX’d solutions to problems. I will probably upload notes to some of my courses but they will often be incomplete - especially the ones of courses I have already completed.

I’m still not sure what format I want to be uploading notes/solutions in. Currently, I have set up this website with Github Pages using Jekyll because it was a quick way of just getting my website online. This is a problem because Github Pages are meant to be for static pages only. While I don’t plan on doing anything crazy with this website it would be nice later down the road to not have such a limitation. Currently, I’m thinking of embedding the PDF notes/solutions using this solution and giving them the option to download if they please.

Head to the Github repository for downloads of the pdfs, any typo reports or even feature requests.